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Ramin Amin Tafreshi




Alba Rosa Viëtor
Composition Competition 2018

Laureate of
the Second Prize & the Audience Prize
from the Alba Rosa Viëtor composition competition 2018 
with the piece, 
"It's the Voice that shall Remain"
Alba Rosa Vietor Logo.png

Negarehaye Rangin

on the debut album of the
Maat Saxophone Quartet



(Take a deep dive down)

Opera Forward Festival 2020 Logo

Photo by

Marie Wanders

Ramin Amin Tafreshi

Annee Seders

Zita de Vos

Igor Cugat

* Important Notice

This event has been canceled by Opera Forward Festival due to the CoronaVirus Pandemic in Netherlands. 

more information about possible performances in future
will be uploaded on this website. 

IDIOSYNCRATIC, takes a dive into the psyche of three people. The opera shows the battle between the cold society and the emotional characters who want to express their feelings. The music, the libretto and the staging show the friction between the two worlds. 

What happens when someone stands up and fights for her opinion? Will there be a change? Is there a moment to listen?

Dive into the world of extremes! An opera about friction, pain, emotions and how to be heard in a world where no one listens.