Photo by Sergi Vidal


Ramin Amin Tafreshi (1992) is an Iranian Composer and Pianist who is currently studying classical music composition at Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Willem Jeths and Wim Henderickx. In addition, he is getting Piano lessons from Matthijs Verschoor.

Ramin is mainly interested in instrumental and vocal music and the combination of music with literature, media, dance and theatre. Furthermore, as an Iranian composer, he is getting lots of inspirations and influences from Eastern Music and his cultural background. Due to this interest, He participated in the 
Atlas Ensemble workshop in 2018 in Amsterdam.


In December 2018, His composition, It’s the Voice that shall Remain won the Second Prize and The Audience Prize from the Alba Rosa Composition Competition. It was performed by Lilian Farahani and Amatis Piano Trio at Het Concertgebouw during Alba Rosa Viva Music Festival.


During Opera Forward Festival 2020, his short opera, IDIOSYNCRATIC (take a deep dive down) has been programmed as one of the talent operas at Dutch National Opera & Ballet. Also, as his second collaboration with the Opera Forward Festival, he had the great chance to work together with opera director, Sjaron Minailo, on his second short opera, Saoshyant, that got the premiere of the first act during the Opera Forward Festival Online 2021.

Besides composing, Ramin is also interested in working in other fields related to art and music. He was a board member and the curator of the Echoes of Nothing concert series at the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ for a complete season of 2019 - 2020. This concert series is a collaboration between Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Muziekgebouw. The main aim of these concerts is to give opportunities to the talented musicians of CvA to present their ideas and show their creative projects to a very nice audience.

Also, in the recent Composers’ Festival 2021, Ramin has been the online coordinator of the festival at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.