Negarehaye Rangin 

on the debut album of the
Maat Saxophone Quartet

I   Sozale
II  Deylaman
III Kurmanji Dance

Negarehaye Rangin is a Persian term means colourful images or colourful depiction.
It is composed of three movements, each inspired by the folk music of Iran. Each one of these pieces reminds us of many beautiful and colourful stories that have been told and shared through history by the people. Stories that became part of Iran’s culture and was influenced by a thousand years of history. In this composition, inspirations are from melodies, harmonies and rhythms and Ramin has expressed them with his own musical language.

This piece has been recorded by Maat Saxophone Quartet on their debut album under the label, 7 Mountain Records in April 2020.


This piece has been performed several times in Amsterdam and Portugal as well as radio broadcasts and live streams.